Tom Schoonen

Human Abilities
Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Room 1.3.15
Charlottenstr. 81, 1st floor
10969 Berlin

I am a Junior Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities "Human Abilities" project, jointly led by Barbara Vetter (Freie Universit├Ąt) and Dominik Perler (Humboldt Universit├Ąt).

I've completed a PhD at the the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation (ILLC) , where I work on the ERC-project The Logic of Conceivability, supervised by Franz Berto, Arianna Betti, and Peter Hawke. After my PhD, I was a teaching fellow at the same institute and at the Institute for Philosophy, University of Leiden for a semester.

Before this, I completed the MSc Logic at the ILLC; worked as a Network Institute Academy Assistant for the 'Modelling Perspectives in Philosophy' research project with Arianna Betti and Piek Vossen; and studied philosophy of language and philosophy of mind during the MSc Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition at the University of Edinburgh.


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